CCPHACalifornia Center for Public Health Advocacy
CCPHAChurch and Charitable Private Hospitals Association (Australia)
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In 2002, CCPHA studied fifth-, seventh- and ninth-graders in each of the state's 80 Assembly districts.
The full text of the study is available on the CCPHA Web site at: http://www.
Protecting preschoolers has also risen to the forefront with AB 2084, authored by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) and sponsored by CCPHA and California Food Policy Advocates.
CCPHA will display common children's meals from these chains and identify some of the worst choices as well as some of the healthier ones.
To understand the impact of the food landscape on health, CCPHA, PolicyLink and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research matched the prevalence of obesity and diabetes from the 2005 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) to nearly 40,000 respondents' Retail Food Environment Index (RFEI) scores.
The CCPHA is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded by the California Public Health Association-North and the Southern California Public Health Association.
The CCPHA study analyzed data from the 2001 California Physical Fitness Test, which was administered to fifth, seventh and ninth grade public school students, and reported the information by Assembly District.
Goldstein points to the 23-page food standards report published by the CCPHA earlier this year to help schools address this issue.