CCPLMCentro Cultural Palacio La Moneda (Spanish: La Moneda Palace Cultural Center)
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El CCPLM ocupa, precisamente, el subsuelo del atrio del Palacio de Gobierno donde, con tanques y explosivos, se orquesto la barbarie militar que culmino con la muerte de Salvador Allende.
One of the main objectives of this exhibit explains Alejandra Serrano, director of the CCPLM, is to contribute "to the understanding and recognition of the diversities and similarities between the countries of our continent, and to inspire a vision of the future that is sustained by the richness and strength of the bond between our peoples and our institutions.
After the considerable effort made in the conception, curatorship, and production of the exhibit, the CCPLM, with the OAS and the IDB, has expressed its intention of placing the collection at the disposal of other member countries.