CCPOACalifornia Correctional Peace Officers Association
CCPOACentury City Property Owners Association (South Africa)
CCPOAClackamas County Peace Officers' Association (Oregon City, OR)
CCPOACorpus Christi Police Officers Association
CCPOACross Creek Property Owners' Association (Robbinsville, NC)
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But it is always the CCPOA that is given as the example.
Most surprisingly, the CCPOA has come out against Schwarzenegger's multibillion-dollar prison expansion plan, arguing it will lead to even more dangerous working conditions for its members.
In 2002, the thuggish head of the CCPOA, Don Novey, was replaced by Mike Jimenez, who'd worked his way up the ranks since he'd become a guard in the 1980s after doing low-paying work in the oil fields.
For one, the CCPOA is politically powerful, and will likely oppose measures that threaten prison guards' job security, or even measures that would slow CCPOA expansion.
Under the current CCPOA contract, a sizeable amount of managerial control rests with the union.
CCPOA gave $1 million to the successful 2008 campaign against Proposition 5, which would have reduced sentences and parole times for nonviolent drug offenders while emphasizing drug treatment over prison.
To maintain California's prison-industrial complex, CCPOA must also plow money into broader defenses of the status quo.
A bill giving him power to police the prison system sailed through the State Senate; then the CCPOA sank it in the Assembly.
CCPOA stayed out of the fray on 19, as did many of the formerly anti-reform and deep-pocketed Indian tribes.