CCPOACalifornia Correctional Peace Officers Association
CCPOACentury City Property Owners Association (South Africa)
CCPOAClackamas County Peace Officers' Association (Oregon City, OR)
CCPOACorpus Christi Police Officers Association
CCPOACross Creek Property Owners' Association (Robbinsville, NC)
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Under the current CCPOA contract, a sizeable amount of managerial control rests with the union.
One final drawback to this option is that it may not be met with much favor among CCPOA members.
But California's extremely limited amount of space in state prison facilities, coupled with the managerial restrictions written into CCPOA contracts, renders a comprehensive population-based approach virtually impossible to implement within the parameters of its existing CDCR facilities.
Staff could be hired to perform a wide range of services, and the nature of these roles could be adjusted to fit programmatic needs--a flexibility that current CCPOA contracts do not permit.
Schwarzenegger and the CCPOA have had a rocky relationship.
CCPOA gave $1 million to the successful 2008 campaign against Proposition 5, which would have reduced sentences and parole times for nonviolent drug offenders while emphasizing drug treatment over prison.
To maintain California's prison-industrial complex, CCPOA must also plow money into broader defenses of the status quo.
It has plenty of money to spare: According to a 2005 study by the Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice, CCPOA collects $21.
Davis' deals with CCPOA continue to mount their toll.
Blue Shield was recently awarded a contract to provide fully underwritten HMO coverage to CCPOA's members, replacing Health Net as the exclusive CCPOA Medical Plan choice.
CCPOA member benefits include a $10 copay for self-referral to specialty care accessed through the Access+ Specialist option.
Blue Shield is delighted to have the opportunity to serve the healthcare coverage needs of CCPOA members," said Janet Widmann, vice president of Blue Shield's Labor, Trust and Public Sector Unit.