CCPRCalifornia Center for Population Research
CCPRConsultative Committee on Photometry and Radiometry
CCPRCalvert County Parks and Recreation
CCPRCo-Channel Power Ratio
CCPRCenter for Certification Preparation and Review
CCPRCenter for Counter Proliferation Research
CCPRCompact Coupled Planar Resonator
CCPRComprehensive Center for Pain Research (University of Florida)
CCPRCentral Council for Physical Recreation
CCPRCovenant on Civil and Political Rights
CCPRCodex Committee on Pesticide Residues
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fewer controversies on the provisions of the CCPR among state parties
ha-1 (equivalent product rates: 0, 1, 2 and 4 L ha-1) when CCS and CCPR plants had reached a height of about 15 cm.
Exclusion criteria: Patients in whom it was decided no to perform CCPR.
For the position of the United States, see Comments on the Concluding Observations, infra, note 114; CCPR, Consideration of Reports: United States, infra note 114; John B Bellinger III, "Legal Issues in the War on Terrorism--Reply to Silja NU Voneky" (2007) 8:9 German Law Journal 871 at 877.
20) No caso de reclamacoes por cidadaos, o CCPR aplica o teste de tres passos (como fazem as cortes internacionais).
La evaluacion de la observancia del CCPR se elaboro segun las recomendaciones de Caddy (1996; 2000 y 2002) y las estrategias para evaluar las practicas del sector pesquero en el golfo de California, resultantes de un taller de expertos convocado por la WWF y el INAPESCA en el que, ademas de los requerimientos incluidos en el codigo, se consideran otros especificos para el comanejo y la administracion de la pesca en el marco del ecosistema (Caddy et al.
CCPR (1) is the alliance of some 280 national governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation across the UK, spanning the whole spectrum of the sector, from football to folkdance, from rounders to rugby and includes organisations as diverse as the FA, the LTA, the British Wheel of Yoga and the British Darts Organisation.
Scotney said yesterday: "We have offered our services to the CCPR in an advisory capacity, not to carry out investigations.
A beginning can be made using certain principles under the WTO like transparency that requires all trade rules to be published and accessible to everyone and that all countries be fair in court procedures and reflect basic civil and political rights enshrined in the CCPR.
Although any meeting between the European Union and the CCPR (the Central Council of Recreative Physical Training; an umbrella organisation that represents many sporting bodies, including the ECB) might sound desperately boring, its implications are enormous for English cricket.
However, Brigid Simmonds, chair of the CCPR which represents 270 national governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation in the UK, claimed that their presence is detrimental to sport.
Mary Hosley, CSI, CCPR, architectural manager of PPG Ideascapes, said, "The people PWC attracts to this event are the people we want to meet.