CCPROCommunity College Public Relations Organization
CCPROCommunity College Planning and Research Organization
CCProCarbon Copy Pro
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s award winning CCPRO product suite is a comprehensive call center solution that employs components from industry leaders such as Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Dialogic (Nasdaq:DLGC), Sybase (Nasdaq:SYBS) and Intel (Nasdaq:INTC).
CELLIT's Broadband CCPRO (B-CCPRO(tm)) was the first product suite in the industry to deliver an ATM-based, comprehensive multimedia solution to the desktop.
By the end of this year, broadband multimedia blending will enable CCPRO to deliver a comprehensive customer contact solution for inbound and outbound contact management from any, to any, media type.
CELLIT was looking for a partner that understood the opportunities available for CCPRO in the Northeast, an area where there is a high concentration of contact centers in the finance, insurance and telemarketing industries," said Tom McGrew, CELLIT's Director of Sales.
CELLIT CCPRO is a comprehensive, software-based solution that eliminates the disparate, multi-vendor environment found in traditional contact centers while leveraging a company's existing infrastructure investment.
CELLIT equips its channel partners with the training, tools and expertise necessary to bring CCPRO to the $8 billion contact center market.
We searched the industry to find the solution that truly fills the voids apparent in the contact center solutions market -- and CELLIT CCPRO is it.
The CELLIT contact center will employ live agents using CCPRO, the single- engine, software-based CMS designed to provide a consistent customer experience across all contact media.
By using CELLIT CCPRO, a business can guarantee a consistent customer experience and eliminate the two leading factors in customer dissatisfaction -- insufficient support and excessive wait times.
As the first single-engine broadband CMS to route, monitor, record and report all contact management transactions, CCPRO is a complete solution that replaces/displaces the systems found in conventional contact centers.