CCQHACow Country Quarter Horse Association (horse enthusiast group)
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The change for the worse was so rapid that we had no time to send for you.
They all shuddered at the threat, for here they had a good home, and a new one was likely to be a change for the worse.
They couldn't well change for the worse," she continued; "and queer as it all is there's them as finds their duties made a lot easier to stand up under.
Either she was mistaken, or the change for the worse in the weather made it not easy to hear slight noises in the house.
It is only two days since I called here last, and I see a marked change in her for the worse--physically and morally, a change for the worse.
They would have been married immediately but for an alarming change for the worse in the condition of Dermody's health.
No better; if there is any change, it is a change for the worse.
Blanche played 'trente et quarante' with fair success, but, later, her luck took a marked change for the worse.
Within the last day or two there has been a marked change in him--a change for the worse.
If he change at all he can only change for the worse, for we cannot suppose him to be deficient either in virtue or beauty.
His evident concern on seeing the change for the worse in the young lady's looks was expressed with a mixture of tenderness and respect, with an unassuming delicacy of tone, voice, and manner, which did equal credit to his good breeding and his good sense.
But in 1680 an outrage of which he was the victim, a brutal and unprovoked beating inflicted by ruffians in the employ of the Earl of Rochester, seems to mark a permanent change for the worse in his fortunes, a change not indeed to disaster but to a permanent condition of doubtful prosperity.