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CCR4C-C Chemokine Receptor 4 (gene)
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In contrast to ALK+ ALCL, there was also lower expression of cytotoxic molecules, cathepsins, and Th17 cell-associated molecules, and higher expression of some cytokines/receptors (CCL1, CCL22, CCR8, CCR4, IL-13RA2, CXCL14, TGF-bR1) and antiapoptotic molecules (BCL2, BIRC6, BIC), and lower expression of some proapoptotic genes (BAX, BCL2L1, BNPIP3).
Several cDNAs displayed strong sequence similarity to members of the Rad gene family, a CCR4 antiproliferation gene, a PHD finger binding domain, transcriptional regulators and homeobox genes.
As a ligand for CCR4 and CCR8, which are expressed by T cells, it might also be involved in the specific interaction of DCs with T cells.
51) In addition, interaction between CCR4 and its ligand TARC/CCL17 on activated endothelial cells mediates T cell extravasation by stimulating integrin-dependent adhesion of [CLA.