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Again, articular homing proves to be enhanced by the presence of CCL20 and its ligand CCR6, with treatment with anti-CCR6 antibodies being inhibitory [59].
28),(30) In particular, rs3093024 in the CCR6 gene was the second largest genetic risk allele in a Japanese RA population.
Expression of CCR6 and CD83 by cytokine-activated human neutrophils.
sup][14] Tc17 cells are shown to share some phenotypical properties with Th17, including retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor at, CCR6, and IL-23R, and express tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a), IL-21, and IL-22.
47),(68),(69) The interaction between chemokines produced in the interfollicullar region of the PPs and chemokine receptors, such as between CCL19 and CCR7 and between CCL20 and CCR6, plays an important role in the transport of dendritic cells to T cell zones.
Beta-defensins: linking innate and adaptive immunity through dendritic and T cell CCR6.