CCRAACollege Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007
CCRAACopper Country Radio Amateur Association (Dollar Bay, MI)
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WHEREAS, that provision of the CCRAA is due to sunset on June 30, 2012, doubling federal student loan interest rates to 6.
The combined effect from the CCRAA and the consumer credit crunch means less profit for lenders, higher losses from loan defaults and lack of capital for future loans.
The "State of the Market" panel will discuss the impact of student loans in capital markets at a time when structured finance debt is being viewed by lenders with alarm; an evaluation of the impact of CCRAA on student lenders and borrowers; industry shakeouts and lenders abandoning the market; and the failures and increased costs of auction rate securities.
Among the provisions in the CCRAA, which was signed into law in September, were the reduction of SAP rates for loans with first disbursements on or after Oct.