CCRBCivilian Complaint Review Board (NYPD)
CCRBCommunauté de Communes Rurales du Beauvaisis (French: Community of Rural Communes of Beauvais; Beauvais, France)
CCRBChampagne Chalons Reims Basket (French basketball team)
CCRBCommunauté de Communes de la Région de Bapaume (French: Community of Communes of the Bapaume Region; Bapaume, France)
CCRBCentral Campus Recreational Building
CCRBChange Control Review Board (various organizations)
CCRBCourse Content Review Board
CCRBConfiguration Control Review Board
CCRBCorrosion Control Review Board (NASA)
CCRBConditional Cramer-Rao Bound
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The JRRB should be used for validation, and some form of CCRB should be established to manage the contracted effort supporting the operation.
Although the report said that the CCRB recommended the "harshest penalties it has the authority to recommend for all four substantiated allegations, (http://www1.
Recent improvements in communication between the CCRB and the New York Police Department (NYPD) have led to the NYPD implementing the CCRB's disciplinary recommendations in a greater number of cases.
For example, departments with CCRBs had a higher rate of use-of-force complaints as compared to agencies without a CCRB.
In response to the public reaction over the Louima scandal, Giuliani allocated more money to the CCRB.
Mitchell's lawyer, according to Delaney's narrative, "jumped up and exclaimed" that "this girl" should "be remanded to jail" because Mitchell did "not consider that the case has had a fair trial"; the Court record shows that Mitchell did, indeed, lodge a motion for a new trial (Delaney 48; CCRB 14: 368).
Though the CCRB was established in 1953, it was not until the early 1990s that it became a meaningful body to deal with police abuse of power.
Not being able to get through to the CCRB is a real cause of frustration for officers because they are wasting time that they could spend on the beat
Street Stop Encounter Report: An Analysis of CCRB Complaints Resulting From the New York Police Department's "Stop & Frisk" Practices, June 2001, at 1, available at http://www.
The CCRB was so ineffective that in 1998 it was discovered that the Board had failed to pass on 108 "substantiated" cases of police misconduct to the NYPD (Cuneen, 1999: 307).
The CCRB statistics and the anecdotal evidence lend credence to the belief that many cops thought the new strategy, accompanied by get-tough rhetoric on the part of the mayor and police commissioners, granted tacit license for cops to indulge in any abuse they found necessary to maintain their respect on the street and handle their fear.
The meeting was further apprised of the working of various Cabinet Committees including ECC, CCOP, CCOI, SSCC, CCA, CCRB, CCE and DCC and the progress on the decisions taken during their meetings since the present government took over.