CCRBCivilian Complaint Review Board (NYPD)
CCRBCommunauté de Communes Rurales du Beauvaisis (French: Community of Rural Communes of Beauvais; Beauvais, France)
CCRBChampagne Chalons Reims Basket (French basketball team)
CCRBCommunauté de Communes de la Région de Bapaume (French: Community of Communes of the Bapaume Region; Bapaume, France)
CCRBCentral Campus Recreational Building
CCRBChange Control Review Board (various organizations)
CCRBCourse Content Review Board
CCRBConfiguration Control Review Board
CCRBConditional Cramer-Rao Bound
CCRBCorrosion Control Review Board (NASA)
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For example, New York City's CCRB is invested with subpoena powers which it used to obtain information relevant to the proceedings such as medical records, accident reports, and tape recordings of police communications.
For example, departments with CCRBs had a higher rate of use-of-force complaints as compared to agencies without a CCRB.
Both Delaney's narrative and the Circuit Court Record Book, for example, note that the presiding judge Bryan Mullanphy called for a bond if Mitchell chose to reclaim Delaney (Delaney 33; CCRB 13: 391-92).
Mitchell's lawyer, according to Delaney's narrative, "jumped up and exclaimed" that "this girl" should "be remanded to jail" because Mitchell did "not consider that the case has had a fair trial"; the Court record shows that Mitchell did, indeed, lodge a motion for a new trial (Delaney 48; CCRB 14: 368).
An outside body responsible for investigating police misconduct did exist--the Civilian Complaints Review Board, or CCRB.
Mayor Bloomberg's appointment of Hector as Chairman of the CCRB is recognition of his distinguished prior public service, as well as his thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the needs of the citizens of New York.
The CCRB is an independent agency with power to receive, investigate, hear, make findings, and recommend action upon complaints by members of the public against the Police Department that allege misconduct involving the use of excessive or unnecessary force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, or use of offensive language.
The CCRB was so ineffective that in 1998 it was discovered that the Board had failed to pass on 108 "substantiated" cases of police misconduct to the NYPD (Cuneen, 1999: 307).
25) The CCRB found that "African-Americans were over-represented in this sample of street-stop complaints, while whites were underrepresented.
Not being able to get through to the CCRB is a real cause of frustration for officers because they are wasting time that they could spend on the beat
ASSISTANT Chief Constable Ian McPherson said the wasted time spent on the phone was looked at as part of an evaluation of the effectiveness of the CCRB, and would be the subject of further debate.
CCRB (New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board).