CCRFCode of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO)
CCRFChildren's Cancer Research Fund
CCRFCommissioned Corps Readiness Force (US Public Health Service emergency team)
CCRFCanadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
CCRFChildren of Chornobyl Relief Fund
CCRFCanadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (est. 1976)
CCRFCivil Contingency Reaction Force (UK)
CCRFClaudia Cohen Research Foundation (gynecologic cancer research)
CCRFConsolidated Communication Recording Facility (NASA)
CCRFCobb County Research Facility (Severe Storms Research Center)
CCRFCONUS Crisis Response Force (US Army Forces Command)
CCRFCross-Coupled Resonator Filter
CCRFCourt Clerk Revolving Fund
CCRFCalifornia Children's Rehabilitation Foundation (est. 2007)
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The overall goal is to raise USD25,000 for CCRF and to #PopCancerForever.
The overall goal is to raise $25,000 for CCRF and to #PopCancerForever.
Fueled by compassion since opening its doors in 1981, CCRF donors have helped fund research that has revolutionized the way childhood cancer is treated worldwide.
By going beyond the traditional metrics of response rates and cost per dollar raised (CPDR), said Norton, CCRF is now better able to balance its donor acquisition success with improved donor retention, and ensure that it is acquiring donors who meet the profit and loss (P/L) benchmarks in its renewal program.
The CCRF would supplement the emergency services and provide extra manpower to assist in major crises should the need arise.
CCRF has more than 200,000 12-month direct mail donors and mails nine acquisition appeals annually.
Launched December 6th, the new Web site gives CCRF a national reach for fundraising, providing the organization with a new avenue for reaching those that want to donate to the organization.
The year 2000 is a special milestone and a historic year, so we'd like nothing better than to present CCRF with a record check come June 26.
6 million has been raised for CCRF by the event since its inception in 1995.
We are particularly impressed with the ongoing work that CCRF is doing to help save the lives of children who are confronting the legacy of Chornabyl-- one of the world's worst environmental disasters," said Tim Ketchmark, AX division manager, Siemens Medical Systems Inc.
We are pleased to participate in the CCRF medical airlift
CCRF delivers pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical equipment to Chernobyl victims throughout Ukraine and develops U.