CCRLCement and Concrete Reference Laboratory
CCRLCatholic Civil Rights League
CCRLCalifornia Center for Regional Leadership
CCRLCalifornia Community Redevelopment Law
CCRLCollege and Career Reference Library
CCRLComputer Chess Rating Lists
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When we contacted Keith Cassidy to ask him about the CCRL, he added this to the record: "I called the meeting held in early March of 1985 which saw the creation of the CCRL and served as its first President.
In addition, specifiers can use CCRL programs to focus on laboratories that can best provide the testing capabilities they need to support construction projects.
CCRL assists the regional collaboratives through program development and support and sharing of best practices.
One of the goals of the HYPERCON project on characterization is to build a database of compositional and textural data of North American cements using cements from the CCRL test program (73,74,75).
The League's most recent related publication is the Declaration on the Authority of Parents and Guardians in the Education of their Children, prepared by CCRL Western Region Director Sean Murphy, who has helped Catholic and other Christian parents assert their rights in BC's public schools.
CCRL and its partners are prepared to argue about harm to the wider society.
Apart from the general fact that the new policy "will transform state schools into instruments for ideological instruction," CCRL Western director, Sean Murphy, notes its impact on the fundamental freedoms of conscience, religion and freedom of speech.
CCRL President Phil Horgan commented, "We find it very unfortunate that the children's rights issues .
This could be a first step to more active support for the so-called mercy killing of terminally ill or disabled persons," according to a news update from the CCRL.
The CCRL has provided an overview of the situation and a resource for parents through its website at: http://www.