CCROCommittee of Chief Risk Officers (Woodlands, TX)
CCROCambridgeshire County Record Office (Cambridge, England, UK)
CCROCertificate of Customary Right of Occupancy (Tanzania)
CCROCheshire County Record Office (UK)
CCROCommunity Charge Registration Officer (UK)
CCROCounty of San Diego Code of Regulatory Ordinances
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In fact, the first CCRO was secured in 2011, to benefit a small indigenous group, the Hadzabe, that now number less than 1,200.
Loure also says that CCROs are a strong weapon to counter the growing menace of poaching, mainly for elephant tusks.
To date CCROs have protected 223,099 acres, with a further, near 700,000 acres having been mapped out for protection by the end of this year.
In our experiment, 14 tactically significant attribute changes that were depicted directly on the map (in addition to being captured in the CCRO window) were identified (see Table 1).
The left monitor presented the tactical situation display and CCRO, whereas alerts and notifications were displayed on the right monitor.
Commercial air corridors and data elements composing the CCRO were illustrated and explained, along with a table defining all MIL-STD-2525B (Department of Defense, 1999) symbols that would appear on the tactical situation display.
Standard & Poor's said it expects to publish interim comments on some of the issues raised in the CCRO paper within the next several days.
We are pleased with the relationship the working group has established with S&P and look forward to presenting our recommendations and then seeing them adopted throughout the financial community," said CCRO Financial Liquidity Working Group Co-Chair Andrew Sunderman, Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer at Williams Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Khalid Abedin, the other CCRO Working Group Co-Chair and Vice President of Credit Risk Management for Baltimore-based Constellation Energy, said the working group focused first on evaluating historical commodity price data to develop market stress scenarios that represent stressed commodity price market conditions more effectively than assessments now widely used.
The industry and ratings community are in new territory here," said CCRO Executive Director Bob Anderson.
In fact, there are already a number of member companies of the CCRO group that are taking a leadership role and providing us with data that meet the Platts standard.