CCRRCitroën-Club Rhein Ruhr (German automobile club)
CCRRCertified Credit Report Reviewer (Institute of Consumer Financial Education)
CCRRCo-Channel Rejection Ratio
CCRRChild Care Resource and Referral, Inc. (Rochester, MN)
CCRRCenter for Coral Reef Research (Hasanuddin University; Indonesia)
CCRRContinuously Compounded Rate of Return
CCRRCombat Crew Rest & Relaxation (USAF)
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has achieved a CCRR showing compliance with a host of ASTM building codes.
With CCRR 0201, we now have clear, third-party evidence that Everlast will perform in accordance with ASTM standard specifications.
To find out how you can benefit from ATI's CCRR program, visit www.
We are confident that we can significantly increase the traffic base on this line, which will benefit the local regional economy, by expanding markets for products originating on the CCRR with dependable, efficient long-haul services through BNSF.
The Enduris vinyl decking is branded as Endeck; Enduris vinyl railing is branded as Enrail, and both are CCRR Code Approved.
Endeck cellular PVC is embossed on two sides, easily reversible, scratch-resistant, mold-resistant, carries a Class-A flame spread, and is CCRR Code Approved.
CCRRs can explain what is on a client's report, how to fix incorrect information, and advise clients on the steps to take in order to improve a credit rating.