CCRSCanada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCRSConfiguration Change Request
CCRSChild Care Review Services
CCRSCentrex Customer Rearrangement System
CCRSCouncil for Cadet Rifle Shooting (UK)
CCRSCape Cod Rainwater Systems (South Wellfleet, MA)
CCRSCentralized Credit and Refund System
CCRSCost Category Reporting System
CCRSCalcutta Cathedral Relief Service (India)
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Their CCRS system employs leading-edge integrated telephony and web solutions to make a real difference to their customers' experience and their own cashflow.
Two surveys, CCRS and MRFSS, were conducted from 1979 to 1986.
Regions of significant difference among the educational levels were found for the regressions of primary dependent variables CCRS, NCEXSD, and NCEXN on years of counselor DVR work experience.
Kietz couuuents: "Mini Bites will drive growth in the CCRS category and add market share to Quaker's healthy snacking portfolio.
Launched three years ago, it's now the number one brand in CCRS valued at 42m [pounds sterling] with a 40% year-on-year growth and a 17.
Educating stakeholders about the challenges in implementing CCRS.
Measurement against the CCRS and ACT College and Career Benchmarks will be able to accurately predict individual student trajectory toward achievement in reading, math, English, language arts, writing and science.
Presolicitation: CCRS RMT Cont W/Cab - Communication, Detection, and Coherent Radiation Equipment
The CCRS also helps build understanding between Government and communities, and to identify any issues of shared concern.
CCRS members considered different approaches to building resilience in responding to crises and adversity, both in communities and amongst vulnerable segments of the population, said Minister Toews.
He joined CCRS in 2001 as Vice President and Director of Sales of the CCRS in Los Angeles after seven years at the Katz Radio Group.