CCRTCore Conflictual Relationship Theme
CCRTCape Cod Rail Trail (Massachusetts, USA)
CCRTConseil Canadien de la Réadaptation et du Travail (Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work)
CCRTCertified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (veterinary care)
CCRTCommunity Crisis Response Team
CCRTContract, Cost-Reimbursement Type
CCRTContingency Command Review Team
CCRTContractor Concept Review Team
CCRTCredentialed Clinical Research Trainer
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Several studies have compared the weekly and 3-weekly cisplatin CCRT regimens in patients with SCCHN and the results have been inconclusive.
CCRTs design exercise programs for individual dogs to help them recover from injury and safely improve their strength, balance, and range of motion.
7,8) Instead of hormonal therapy, we recommended CCRT due to possible GI tract origin.
As the cT4N1M0 stage IIIA tumor was unresectable CCRT was indicated for a total dose of 68 Gy (2 Gy/day).
One of the important objectives of CNEC under the aegis of CCRT is to increase awareness about the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the North East," said Selja.
Rather than compromising the effectiveness of the IRB and compliance program by exhausting shared personnel, the CCRT recognized that separate staff with compliance expertise would ensure efficiency of the monitoring program.
The strategy for Johnson Matthey, Lassen said, "is to take the same type of technology that we're doing for on-road with our CRT and CCRT.
However, CCRT will work closely with government bodies.
SciTech21-11 December 2006-France's CCRT Taps Bull to Design, Install Research Supercomputer(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
After chapters on scholastic theology, Hussites, Lollards, and Erasmus, CCRT includes eleven essays on Protestantism and two on pre- and post-Tridentine Catholicism.
le projet de loi 51, Loi sur les fonds de placement des travailleurs (modification de diverses dispositions legislatives), qui ameliore la gestion des corporations a capital de risque de travailleurs (CCRT), dont le Fonds de placement Crocus; resserre les regles de declaration et de divulgation des CCRT; simplifie la reglementation des CCRT ainsi que l'administration du programme de credit d'impot a leur intention.
The CCRT report points out that funding many `separate and distinct community interests' tends to reinforce cultural differences.