CCRTVCorporacio Catalana de Radio iTelevisio (Catalonia, Spain)
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This is an experimental gateway that unites television through the Internet, with material from TVC and CCRTV Interactiva among others, and shared viewing spaces (ALCOBER, MARTIN & SERRA, 2003).
Resources have not grown at the same level as the expenses derived from the new functions assumed in the digital environment, a new source of debt for CCRTV, despite the revenues generated by new segments of activity.
This public condition has allowed the CCRTV to play a pioneering role in this new process of convergence.
CCRTV:--(2002): Informe Annual 2001, Barcelona: CCRTV [http://www.
CCRTV currently simulcasts four channels in DTT and analog, and airs dedicated DTT feeds 3/24 (24-hour news) and 300 (series and movies).
But CCRTV is still scanning Spain's digital TV horizon, and far more actively than most broadcasters, having created a dedicated company, Interactiva Multimedia.
We have nearly 700,000 users registered for CCRTV interactive services," Ferran explains proudly.
77 euros Sources: Idescat, ICIC, CMT, CCRTV, Corporacion Multimedia, F.
Per an agreement between Catalan producer associations and the CCRTV, the pubcaster takes broadcast rights to feature films, paying according to their budgets: For example, it will pay $103,896 for films costing $1.
From 2002-'05, total CCRTV financing for TV films, animation series and docu co-productions is $54.
Shareholders: Telefonica Media (25%); Barcelona producers' alliance, Group Equip (29%); utility Iberdrola (19%); Sweden's Skandia Media Invest (11%); Catalan pubaster CCRTV (11%); Antena 3 (3%) and Philips (1%).