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Agents and detectives working other investigations forward all homicide information of this type to the CCS.
Researching informant intelligence consumes a lot of time but has proven to be a reliable source of cases for the CCS and provides a way to match new information with stale cases.
China is an extremely important market for Cisco, and in cooperation with CCS, we intend to help make China one of the most connected countries in the world," said Owen Chan, senior vice president of Cisco's Asia Pacific business.
While CCS is Cisco's largest direct investment in China, the company has also committed over $700 million in venture funding to help launch nearly 30 Chinese start-up companies such as e-learning company Ambow and gaming company Shanda.
It will be an excellent transaction for CCS Medical, as well as Matria Healthcare.
The leadership team at CCS Medical is extremely excited about the combination of two of the key players in our market.
We remain committed to our community service model in Hemophilia and see revenue upside as our CSSR network teams with local branches in providing the highest quality homecare for the Hemophilia consumer and leveraging the numerous existing contracts held by CCS.
CCS easily interfaces with existing RMS, JMS, Livescan and AFIS products as well as other agencies' CCS systems.
The terms of the agreement provide CCS with opportunities to leverage its relationship with Serena when identifying and implementing best of breed Enterprise Change Management (ECM) solutions.
Ben Jamil, Chief Executive Officer of CCS said, "This opportunity will provide a complete turnkey system based on the latest wireless GPS technologies.
The agreement contemplates minimum annual purchases from CCS of $1.
Cumberland selected CCS for its superior service, competitive pricing and best-of-breed technology that results in rapid trade processing and increased cost savings.