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CCS7Common Channel Signaling Seven
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G-Flex CCS7 relay allows network operators to flexibly assign a subscriber number to an HLR as an individual entry or as a member of a predefined range.
Tekelec's EAGLE platform is designed to meet the complex requirements of the converging IP / CCS7 network traditional CCS7 networks, enabling wireline, wireless and IP network operators to significantly reduce transport costs and deliver intelligent network services.
The open architecture of EAGLE provides an access and switching solution to carriers, manufacturers and data base suppliers entering the CCS7 product market.
Multiple network switches communicate with the ISCP software for service-related information via SS7 or ITU-T CCS7 network interfaces and manage calls based on these instructions.
SS7 networks -- also often referred to as CCS7 networks -- are digital networks that overlay the familiar voice network.