CCSARPCross-Cultural Speech Act Realization Project
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the general goal of the CCSARP investigation is to establish patterns of request and apology realizations under different social constraints across a number of languages and cultures, including both native and nonnative varieties.
Following the goals of CCSARP such as determining the fundamental universalities in addition to the culture-specificity of applying speech act sets, the authors of this study attempt to extract and categorize apology strategies in Sarawani Balochi, a dialect of Balochi which has not been studied yet in the case of its speech acts.
They also coincide with the results yielded by the CCSARP.
4) Neither the CCSARP nor Marquez-Reiter say explicitly how strategies using 'may' were coded in their studies.
El CCSARP identifico cuatro estrategias que se utilizan para ofrecer una disculpa.
In the CCSARP, instances of performatives were also found for English: "I am asking you to shut up" (Blum Kulka et al.