CCSCSLChess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (est. 2007; Missouri)
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The tournament also featured on-site commentary at the CCSCSL, World Chess Hall of Fame and Kingside Diner from Grandmasters Ben Finegold, Robert Hess, and Ian Rodgers.
The tournament will also feature on-site commentary at the CCSCSL, World Chess Hall of Fame and Kingside Diner from grandmasters Ben Finegold, Robert Hess, Alejandro Ramirez, and Ian Rodgers.
Over the next year, Matheny will serve as an ambassador for the chess club -- appearing in advertisements and promotional materials for the CCSCSL and its scholastic programs, as well as participating in a variety of chess events.
We're pleased to partner with someone who shares the mission of the CCSCSL -- to elevate the game of chess and, through it, the St.
The first TV spot featuring Matheny and the CCSCSL is scheduled to air in early April, ahead of the 2015 U.
Live spectators may also view the action in the tournament hall of the CCSCSL, which offers additional GM-led commentary on-site as well as food catering included with ticket purchase.
The CCSCSL and the Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) launched the Young Stars program in 2012 to help develop the top American chess prodigies from across the United States.
The third event is the Junior Championship, a tournament for players under the age of 21, which takes place at the CCSCSL June 13-23.
The CCSCSL has been home to the Championships for the last five years, helping contribute to St.
chess scene," said CCSCSL Executive Director Tony Rich.
The program, called Young Stars - Team USA, will begin with a kick-off training program in Saint Louis at the CCSCSL from June 18-20.
Kayden Troff, age 14, from West Jordan, UT - Troff participated in the Junior Championships at the CCSCSL in 2011.