CCSECheckpoint Certified Security Engineer
CCSECollege of Computer Sciences and Engineering (Saudi Arabia)
CCSECenter for Computational Science and Engineering (Berkeley Laboratory)
CCSECitywide Council on Special Education
CCSECisco Certified Systems Engineer
CCSECommon Components Simulation Engine (Joint Simulation System)
CCSECompiler-Controlled Speculative Execution
CCSECenter for Corrosion Science and Engineering (US Naval Research Laboratory)
CCSECalifornia Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego, CA)
CCSECarefully Controlled Scientific Experiment
CCSECheck Point Certified Security Expert
CCSECognitive Capacity Screening Examination
CCSECertified Customer Service Executive
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Los objetivos del presente estudio fueron evaluar la consistencia interna, la estabilidad temporal y la validez convergente y divergente con afectividad positiva y negativa, de las versiones espanolas de la EAT, el CEMO y el CCSE en pacientes mexicanos usuarios de cocaina.
We thank Fabio Bertoni, Thomas Chemmanur, Ansley Chua, Ufuk Gucbilmez, Ranko Jelic, Michael Lawley, Michele Meoli, Jay Ritter, Ajai Singh, Marti Subrahmanyam, Donia Trabelsi, the participants in the 2013 FMA Annual Meeting in Chicago, 2013 EFMA Annual Meeting in Reading, 2013 Applied FMA Conference in New York, 2012 FMA European Conference in Istanbul, 2012 MFS Annual Conference in Krakow, 2012 CCSE Workshop in Bergamo, and meetings of the Italian Association of Financial Analysts for helpful comments or discussions of the paper.
J to an interventional neuroradiologist for evaluation of a suspected CCSE A cerebral angiogram performed the next week revealed a high-flow left internal carotid artery (ICA) cavernous fistula with marked cortical venous drainage, retrograde flow to the left ophthalmic veins, and direct communication between the left ICA and dilated cavernous sinus.
The mission of the CCSE is to introduce and encourage entrepreneurial thinking and approaches in matters of social interest among and within the voluntary, private, and public sectors.
This study found a significant difference in mean CCSE score among the three age groups, F = 118.
Alan Ball, an energy consultant and chair of CCSE's board of directors, said Hering was selected after a nationwide search to succeed long-time CCSE executive director Irene M.
Eigenerklrung, dass der Senior Consultant und sein Stellvertreter die Checkpoint CCSE Zertifizierung sowie eine CCISP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Zertifizierung haben.
We'll obviously check on it," UO coach Dana Altman said, who explained "we're not familiar with those" charges that an administrator had abused students at the CCSE Prep Academy in Roseville, Calif.
NCSE identified 97% of subjects as having changes in cognitive functioning as compared with 57% with MMSE and 47% with CCSE (Schwamm et al.
Following the 2009 CHEC Conference on leadership, sponsored by the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness (CCSE) in the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago, CCSE director, Lorraine A.
Part 11: Comparison with the CCSE and MMSE in a neurosurgical population.
This rebate encourages home and business owners to take the next step in energy conservation and efficiency, and helps build a sustainable future for California," said Andrew McAllister, Managing Director of CCSE.