CCSGCommander, Carrier Strike Group (US Navy)
CCSGCancer Center Support Grant
CCSGCommand Center Secure Gateway
CCSGCouncil of Commonwealth Student Governments (Pennsylvania State University)
CCSGCorpus Christianorum, Series Graeca (publication)
CCSGCentro Culturale San Giorgio (Italian: Saint George Cultural Center; Ferrara, Italy)
CCSGConsumer Card Services Group (American Express)
CCSGCambridge Consulting Services Group (Cambridge, MA)
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Following the success of the CCSG submission, RCO gained university-wide recognition as a critical resource for researchers and was introduced to a larger client base in need of editing and project management services.
For more information on these and other products available from CCSG, please visit http://www.
CCSG brings both technologies together with their Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and digital phone systems, as well as computers and networking services, low cost phone service, web and email services and full service wiring.
Without them, the Shared Resource cannot exist because the CCSG covers only a portion of the costs of operation.
The timetable was critical, as the building was considered essential to future NCI CCSG support.
The Logicalis CCSG strategy, focus and culture is a great match with the Alliance Southwest business and we believe Logicalis will provide a seamless transition for our Southwest region employees and clients.
The Alliance Southwest division will become part of the Logicalis CCSG business and be led by Chris Rafter, currently vice president of consulting services for Alliance, and Marney Edwards, currently Alliance's vice president of sales for the Western Region.
Figure 3 Total Peer-Reviewed Publications Cancer Center Programs 1998 1999 2001 2002 Cancer Biology 113 137 243 252 Cancer Genetics 46 52 114 157 Cancer Pharmacology 19 28 33 11 Cancer Prevention & Control 45 78 88 70 Cancer Symptom Control 37 63 54 75 Translational Oncology 68 61 150 124 Viral Malignancy 14 28 39 41 Totals 342 447 721 730 Percent Change 31% 61% 1% Source for 1998 and 1999 data: CCSG 2P30CA-23100-17, 18 Source for 2001 data: CCSG 2P30CA-23100-19 Note: Data were not collected for Year 2000.
By creating CCSG in partnership with Universal Guardian, we are now able to provide the solutions our customers have been asking for," said Chris Anderson, president of Intelligent Parking.
com CCSG assists clients with site selection consulting, incentives negotiations, real estate transaction work and project implementation services.