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CCSIComputer & Control Solutions, Inc
CCSiCreative Computing Solutions Inc (Rockville, MD)
CCSICanadian Centre for Swine Improvement
CCSICompany Core Safety Information
CCSIContemporary Control Systems, Inc
CCSIChannel Coding with Side Information
CCSIConsortium for Computational Signal Interpretation
CCSICoordinating Council for School Improvement
CCSIClimate Change Science Initiative
CCSICustom Cable Solutions Inc. (Salisbury, MD)
CCSICrown Collectors Society International (Fairfax, VA bottle cap collectors club)
CCSICisco Certified Systems Instructor (training qualification)
CCSICenter for Comprehensive School Improvement (McGraw-Hill Companies)
CCSICertified Crime Scene Investigator (International Association for Identification)
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With multiple drug discovery centers around the world developing compounds for Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders, the CCSI offers an invaluable opportunity to harness a growing body of CNS-active compounds and use it to drive new discoveries," said Howard Fillit, MD, executive director and chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation.
Therefore, this research focuses on identifying correlations between two testing instruments: ICS and CCSI.
To provide the best possible solutions, CCSI compliments their own expertise and resource by working with experts.
CCSI officials said the computer printer market does four times the volume of the stand-alone fax market in the U.
CCSI builds off of the company's National Urban Advisory Resource Group, which was launched six years ago to work closely with large districts and help address their challenges.
We realize the value of cross-pollenization of the two products," said Tom Perrier, director of PC sales and marketing for CCSI.
These steps, combined with the solid operating and financial foundation provided by the acquisition of CCSI, should help to ensure our sustained growth with a much greater mix of recurring, higher margin IT services.
Currently, CCSI agents handle about 100,000 calls each month, about 60 percent of which are about Windows.
In his most recent position prior to joining CCSI he was President of CRP Balmoral Inc.
John Riconda, president of CCSI, commented, "QSGI's IT services, within both their Data Center Maintenance division and Data Security & Compliance division, should complement CCSI's current offerings extremely well.
Gary Brown, CCSI president, said, "Our innovative work with InnerGard[TM] presents a tremendous potential contribution to the future of the oil and gas industry.
over PR Newswire we are advised by the company that the second paragraph, first sentence, should read "While CCSI failed to meet this requirement as of May 29, 2001, the Company was granted a temporary exception on Oct.