CCSLCouncil of Churches in Sierra Leone
CCSLCIAC Certified Strategic Leader
CCSLCompatible Current-Sinking Logic
CCSLCross-Channel System Link
CCSLCentral Control System Laboratory
CCSLCharacter Canned Segment Leader
CCSLStanding Lenticular Cirrocumulus Clouds
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CCS costs have been falling over a period, " says Aniruddha Sharma, chief executive of CCSL.
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The initial version of the CCSL was announced by the ASD April alongside the latest edition of the government's Information Security Manual.
CCSL has been working on its expansion plans with Welsh Government business support arm Business Wales, since March 2013.
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In 2000/2001 PWS&D is supporting the work of CCSL with a grant of $85,000 through Action by Churches Together.