CCSMCommunity Climate System Model (NCAR)
CCSMContinuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba (Manitoba, Canada)
CCSMCongregational Church of San Mateo (San Mateo, CA)
CCSMCopenhagen Conference on Strategic Management (Denmark)
CCSMCommand and Control System Module (NSSN)
CCSMCatholic Charities of Southern Maryland
CCSMCentral Computer Systems Management
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Wood, an assistant professor of administration, rehabilitation, and postsecondary education at SDSU, describes the CCSM as a tool that enables community colleges to focus on "institutional responsibility and how institutions foster climate that affects success for men of color.
Because of the limited lateral resolution, the discernible features of the CCSM topography images are of poor quality.
We found evidence of good construct and concurrent validity and good internal consistency and test-retest reliability for the CCSM.
Managing the quality of service (QoS) experience of specified customers, CCSM enables telecommunication providers to gain and retain lucrative corporate customers by providing objective measures for service level agreements (SLA) and ensuring SLA compliance.
Santamaria and his impeccable CCSM credentials give his perspective a particular credibility, authenticity and authority.
The BLM's Final Environmental Impact Statement for the CCSM Wind Energy Project was released in July after more than four years of environmental data-gathering and analysis.
17) An Act to Repeal the Statute of Frauds, CCSM, c F-158.
5 (Alberta); The Class Proceedings Act, CCSM, c C130 (Manitoba); Class Proceedings Act, SNS 2007, c 28 (Nova Scotia).
41) Personal Directives Act, RSA 2000, c P-6, Part 2; Saskatchewan Health Care Directives Act, supra note 40, Part II; The Health Care Directives Act, SM 1992, c 33, CCSM c H27, ss 4-11; Consent to Treatment and Health Care Directives Act, SPEI 1996, c 10, Part III; Advance Health Care Directives Act, SN 1995, c A-4.
For example, Quebec has An Act to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion, RSQ 2002, c 1-7; Ontario passed the Poverty Reduction Act, SO 2009, c 10; Manitoba passed the Poverty Reduction Strategy Act, CCSM, 2011 c P-94.
Mental Health Act, RSBC 1996, c 288, s 22 [British Columbia]; Mental Health Act, CCSM c Ml 10, s 17 [Manitoba]; Menial Health Act, RSO 1990, c M,7, s 20 [Ontario]; Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act, SNS 2005, c 42 [Nova Scotia]; Mental Health Care and Treatment Act, SNL 2006, c M-9.
TABLE 2 - Current Drilling Results, Copper Cliff South Mine Esti- Section mated North- True Pt-Pd- Property Hole ings From To Width Pt Pd Au Au Location Number (m) (m) (m) (m) % Ni % Cu g/t g/t g/t g/t CCSM -860 117488 -1300 485.