CCSMCommunity Climate System Model (NCAR)
CCSMComposite Current Source Model (digital design)
CCSMContinuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba (Manitoba, Canada)
CCSMCongregational Church of San Mateo (San Mateo, CA)
CCSMCopenhagen Conference on Strategic Management (Denmark)
CCSMCommand and Control System Module (NSSN)
CCSMCentral Computer Systems Management
CCSMCatholic Charities of Southern Maryland
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While The Consumer Protection Act of Manitoba, in effect since 1 September 2016, does not explicitly include any provisions dealing with arbitration clauses, section 209 includes a general prohibition that a contractual term restricting "jurisdiction or venue to a forum outside Manitoba is void and of no effect" (RSM 1987, c C200, CCSM c C200).
The CCSM is an institutional-level needs assessment tool employed by community colleges to examine factors affecting the success of historically underrepresented and underserved students, particularly men of color.
The CCSM and MIROC climate models simulate different climate conditions, with cooler conditions assumed in CCSM than in MIROC (Otto-Bliesner et al.
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With the CCSM posing questions about education goals, feelings of inclusion, campus participation, sense of belonging and on-campus support, M2C3 researchers have been able to collect data and formulate quantitative benchmarks for gauging student success.
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Two new matrices for the EbD[TM] program were developed: the CCSM Responsibility Matrix and the CCSELA Responsibility Matrix.