CCSM3Community Climate System Model 3
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Models predicting a wetter climate include CCSM3 (National Center for Atmospheric Research) and ECHO-G (Meteorological Institute of the University of Bonn/Meteorological Research Institute of the Korea Meteorological Administration/Model and Data Group) Models predicting a drier future include GFDL-CM2.
Ong, 2005: M x N communication and parallel interpolation in CCSM3 using the Model Coupling Toolkit.
This is consistent with previous CCSM3 modeling studies that indicate cooling over northern Europe and the North Atlantic associated with the negative radiative forcing of large volcanic eruptions during the LIA (Zhong et al.
0 (INM) United Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction UKMO-HadCM3 and Kingdom and Research/Met Office (MO) UKMO-HadGEM1 United States National Center for Atmospheric CCSM3 and PCM Research United States U.
and --, 2015: Downscaled estimates of late 21st century severe weather from CCSM3.
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