CCSNCommunity College of Southern Nevada
CCSNCape Cod Stranding Network
CCSNCommon Channel Signaling Network
CCSNCommunity College Satellite Network
CCSNCommunity College of South Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
CCSNCollaborative Computing Over Social Networking (International Conference)
CCSNCerco Computer Systems and Network (course)
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From the large slabs of frozen blubber that I receive from the CCSN, I make a viscous, brilliantly yellow, and very "fragrant" oil.
CCSN is one of the schools helping to address the shortage of hospitality workers as part of the President's High Growth Training Initiative.
CCSN also worked to create a positive relationship with its neighboring four-year institution.
Dudoit and the employees of Desert Toyota for their support and considerable contribution to our 35th anniversary celebration," said CCSN President Dr.
The Legislature also gave CCSN $9 million over the next six years to close the funding gap between it and the state's other community colleges by, among other things, creating a salary equity pool that will help bring salaries up to that of their counterparts around the state.
CCSN is one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the United States, and the fourth-largest community college of its type.
CCSN President Richard Carpenter said he supports the campus idea, but said it wasn't a high priority.
CCSN is a large cosmopolitan college, attracting students from 48 states and 65 countries.
Codella Marketing also serves as public relations counselor for CCSN through an agreement with WG Communications Group.
Now, freshly graduated from CCSN and on his way to a bachelor's degree in finance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the 24-year-old Smith's enthusiasm about his community-college experience shines forth.
New models such as CCSN for signal integrity require a new approach to characterization," said Ken Tseng, Altos CTO and founder, "The black-box approach that is widely used by many existing tools is no longer effective.
With a half dozen presidents in a half dozen years, the plight of CCSN reflects the difficult challenges facing metropolitan community colleges, which stake a claim to their fair share of the economic development pie.