CCSNAClan Campbell Society of North America
CCSNACarroll College Student Nurses Association (Montana)
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This meeting was planned by an organizing committee of 12 prominent surgeons appointed by the CCSNA at its November 1912 meeting.
A detailed report had been generated for distribution at the October 1919 CCSNA meeting in New York, New York; however, the ACS regents (Figure 1), who were meeting at the Waldorf Astoria (New York, New York) immediately before the CCSNA congress, were so horrified with the results that it was decided not to distribute the report because it might adversely affect further cooperation.
Although maintaining appropriate records clearly became a shared common interest for the ACS and hospitals, it is difficult to conceive how that could be the first step" in the hospital standardization movement because that began with Dr Codman and his CCSNA committee, even before the ACS was formed.