CCSPACanadian Consumer Specialty Products Association
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CCSPA advises Canadians to take the following precautions to stay healthy:
At the same time that CCSPA organizers were planning the national action, Mark Davis, a researcher hired by the Oakland-based Center for Third World Organizing to work with the CCSPA, turned up some interesting information about a program that allows the police to seize the assets of individuals accused of being involved in any way with the use or distribution of illegal drugs.
All of the seven CCSPA community organizations have taken up the asset-forfeiture fight, with varying degrees of success.
At first reluctant, Donahue eventually also agreed to work with PUEBLO as part of the CCSPA to convince other police departments around the country to set up similar programs.
The campaign is a carefully researched national effort, coordinated by the Center for Third World Organizing, to combine these reforms with another goal that CCSPA members see as critically important - an end to police brutality and law enforcement misconduct.
In contrast to the most common grassroots response to street crime and violence - street patrols and neighborhood watches - the CCSPA sees official violence as equal in importance as street violence.
As Shannon Smith put it at a recent CCSPA press conference: "Everyone should have the right to walk the streets in safety, feel secure in their own home and be able to go out at night without worrying about being robbed, beaten, raped or killed.
Fighting to get drug-seizure money allocated to community programs is a CCSPA tactic for prevention.
The CCSPA has since designed a police practices documentation database that is being used by member organizations to collect detailed information on incidents of police misconduct around the country.
CSPA, CCSPA and SDA applaud the fragrance industry for taking the initiative to communicate more information about the fragrance ingredients present in consumer products.