CCSPACanadian Consumer Specialty Products Association
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CCSPA advises Canadians to take the following precautions to stay healthy:
The CCSPA's work serves as a great example; through pushing for asset-forfeiture regulations, where a percentage of monies seized in arrests are put toward community programs, the CCSPA has forced police departments to be accountable to the communities they serve.
For CCSPA and our member companies, this is a positive step forward for consumer products that are manufactured in Canada and sold in the North American marketplace," said Shannon Coombs, president, CCSPA.
The IFRA initiative enhances the CSPA, CCSPA and SDA Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative where manufacturers of cleaning products, air care products, automotive care products and polishes and floor maintenance products will voluntarily disclose ingredients in these products by Jan.
In the meantime, CCSPA is working to ensure that Canadian VOC regulation is in harmony with U.