CCSSECommunity College Survey of Student Engagement
CCSSEChallenger Center for Space Science Education
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By CCSSE measures, which reflect research-proven educational practices, the best community colleges are often more educationally sound than the elite research universities to which striving students aspire.
The Course Feedback Form was developed in response to requests from community colleges with the assistance of a CCSSE advisory group and is closely aligned with the CCSR (McClenney, pp.
TABLE 1 Demographics of the Study Sample, the CCSSE National Sample, and Florida Population Data Demographic Sample All CCSR respondents Population Age 18 to 19 26.
The association has questioned the use of about $900,000 from the NISOD and CCSSE budgets.
To McClenney and the CCSSE, that means well-publicized evaluations of a school's academic challenge, support services provided, student and faculty interaction, and level of student engagement.
Jaynes says DTCC will probably participate in both CCSSE and SENSE this year.
In 2007, Washington Monthly combined CCSSE results with graduation rates published by the U.
This study used structural equation modeling with CCSSE and NSSE data from a sample of first- and second-year students at 18 institutions and concluded that mean self-reported academic and personal-social gains attributed to college attendance were significantly less for students at two-year colleges.
That's the major purpose of the survey," says Kay McClenney, CCSSE director.
For example, CCSSE found higher levels of engagement by minority and other at-risk students (McCleeney, 2007).
These data represent findings from about 500,000 students from 684 community colleges that are part of the 2014 CCSSE cohort.