CCSUCorbett Center Student Union (New Mexico State University)
CCSUCabinet Committee for the Social Union (Canada)
CCSUCentral Connecticut State University
CCSUCaptain Cook Study Unit (James Cook study)
CCSUChaudhary Charan Singh University (India)
CCSUCentral Corporate Services Unit (AU)
CCSUClayton College & State University (now Clayton State University; Morrow, GA)
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Jones had 8 points early in the second half to help CCSU inch back and a 3-pointer by Austin Nehls made it a 7-point game with 12:48 left.
It set me back almost a semester," said Hernandez, who is now on track get her business degree from CCSU this spring.
The success of a CCSU innitiative depends many factors including the revenue aspects of CCSU.
An active member of the Hartford section's scholarship committee, Al-Masoud remains the section's principal liaison with CCSU.
Former CCSU stars Steven Coxon and Stephen Stokoe both had stints at the club as youth players, and former Blue Devils goalkeeper Adam Clementson spent time coaching the youth team keepers at Newcastle United.
Faculty and the Associate Dean from CCSU have presented synopsis of the Faculty Annual Performance Rating System to over 200 faculty and administrators at the 2001 AACSB International Continuous Improvement Symposium in St.
John Schiffert, director of university relations at CCSU, says the two colleges are looking into selling the notebooks to students (at cost minus the fees they've already payed) when they receive their degree.
In the Computer Information System curriculum at CCSU, there is ample opportunity to use the latest information technology.
The CCSU administration was so distraught by the bickering that it sent a memo to the faculty criticizing the alleged abuse of the student media.
com/writeexperience) and the CCSU Office of Institutional Research and Advancement (OIRA).
Our storage needs were going through the roof due to the expanding amounts of diverse data from student and staff usage," said Rick Johnson, manager of IT services at CCSU.