CCSVIComité de Coordination du Service Volontaire International (French)
CCSVIChronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency (venous system deficiency)
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As we are still early in fully understanding the condition and its relation to treatment of CCSVI, it is our hope that future double-blinded prospective studies will be performed to further assess the durability of these results," he added.
However, a spokeswoman at the Department of Health said there was still not enough evidence to suggest CCSVI is a cause of MS, or that the use of stents or balloons to widen veins would be effective as a treatment.
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has called on the federal government to provide USD 10 million for research into CCSVI and MS.
More than 10,000 people have signed a petition on the Downing Street website urging the government to make the CCSVI procedure available in the UK.
Michael Dake and Stanford University (Stanford) for performing experimental surgeries on them for purported CCSVI, a controversial theory hypothetically linked to multiple sclerosis (MS), outside of an approved clinical trial.
NASA is currently conducting a CCSVI experiment with Italian Astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, called Drain Brain at the International Space Station (ISS).
We've been tackling serious objections relating to the politics of health care reform, our response to CCSVI and tough resource decisions driven by the lagging economy.
It was there, online, where thousands of MS patients worldwide started spreading the word about CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency), a vascular syndrome that impedes blood flow from the brain and spine and found in high incidence in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Arata has spent more than a decade performing angioplasty and has been at the forefront of research for CCSVI, a venous condition in which blood flow from the brain is restricted.
Popular travel packages offered by Dolphin Travels include but are not limited to CCSVI multiple sclerosis treatments, hip replacement surgery in India, maxillofacial surgery in Turkey, or stem cell treatments to help cure Parkinson's disease.
Last March, after a joint peer review in collaboration with the MS Society of Canada, the Society announced funding of seven new research projects aimed at understanding how CCSVI may relate to the MS disease process.