CCTDCosta Rican Confederation of Democratic Workers
CCTDClose Combat Test Directorate
CCTDCatholic Council of Thailand for Development (est. 1958; Thailand)
CCTDConcept Characterization and Technical Description (systems engineering)
CCTDCalifornia Consortium for Teacher Development (US Department of Education)
CCTDCentral Connecticut Tourism District
CCTDCentre Culturel Tibétain Dzogchenpa (French)
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In 2004 and going forward, CCTD will continue, reflecting currency
The reversals of impairments (Venezuela and Aera) and lower CCTD charges on
Capitalisation of major inspection costs and the effect of CCTD on divestments,
In 2004 and going forward, CCTD will continue, reflecting currency translation effects on net assets of entities with non-US dollar functional currencies.
Science Dynamics' CCTD family of products offers a complete selection of inmate telephone control systems for any size correctional facility.
Science Dynamics has installed over 145 CCTD systems throughout North America controlling over 12,000 inmate telephone lines.
For additional information on the CCTD or any of Science Dynamics' telecommunications products contact Russ Angely at 800-732-7466 or facsimile at 609-751-7361.
The CCTD 4X4 rounds out Science Dynamics' line of inmate telephone control systems.
The ACCS option provides the CCTD system with the automated operator services, instructions and announcements required for processing collect calls.
In addition to User ID's and Passwords, there are now three Access Levels within the system features to protect the CCTD Subsystem and Administrative Workstation from unauthorized access.
The CCTD is available with a Centralized Administration System which provides for the control and administration of multiple CCTD systems from a single, remote location.
The CCTD can be programmed to activate a wide variety of features that control inmate access to the public telephone network.