CCTDICalifornia Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory
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A total of 198 health sciences majors had completed the CCTDI instrument as of the fall 2002 semester.
TABLE 4 CCTDI Scores of Environmental Health Majors, Compared with Those of All Other Majors in the Department of Health Sciences (a) Difference by Environmental All Other Difference Mann-Whitney Health Majors Majors by t-test U-test Mean SD Mean SD p p Truth seeking 38.
The sample had an overall mean total CCTDI score of 314.
Note thai there was significant improvement for two of the CCTDI subscales, Truth-seeking and Systematicity (p < 0.
For the control group, the mean CCTDI total score increased 1.
Discussion/Implications for Nursing Education In comparing the change in the CCTDI and the MID for the control vs.
CCTDI In order to answer the research question that investigated improvement in critical thinking skills for all students over the duration of the nursing program, data from the intervention and control groups were combined.
Both groups also demonstrated improved (perhaps marginally so) scores on the total CCTDI.
CCTDI results are interpreted based on a "cut score" of 40, a "target score" of 50, and a possible score of 60 for each of the seven subscales (Table 4).