CCTGCahier des Clauses Techniques Générales (French: General Technical Conditions of Contract)
CCTGCalifornia Collaborative Treatment Group (San Diego, CA)
CCTGCampus California Teacher Group
CCTGClimate Change Task Group (information and research group; various organizations)
CCTGCalifornia Christmas Tree Growers
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We are enthusiastic of the combined companies' growth prospects given the expanded geographical footprint and the ability to provide an enhanced menu of services and technological capabilities to the clients and partners of CCTG and IRT.
CCTM will now service the sales, marketing and client activation needs for all of the CCTG operating companies.
Over the course of this negotiation, I have come to know the CCTG team, and I am enthusiastic about their vision and ability to execute.
Cincom CCTG is a global provider of software and services for creating and managing customer relationships throughout the enterprise, and for building and maintaining adaptive e-business information systems today and into the future.
The data from CCTG 575 add a great deal to our knowledge about drug resistance testing in HIV," said Dr.
Berman, who has spent over 20 years in investment banking and financial advisory consulting, has helped CCTG develop a strong franchise in advising digital technology companies.
The CCTG 575 study failed to show a benefit from phenotyping in guiding the selection of a salvage regimen, except in the subgroup of patients with virus resistant to more than 3 protease inhibitors at baseline.
Under Schmidt's leadership, the Call Center Technologies Group achieved annual growth rates in excess of 15 percent during each of the past two fiscal years while increasing the professional services content of a typical CCTG sale to 25 percent.
99-443 of 28 May 1999), the mission control technique is divided into three parts - Part 1: Review of construction documents, : - Part 2: Review of the implementation of site structures and equipment subject to control, : - Part 3: Verification prior to acceptance, : Accordance with applicable procurement CCTG and as defined in standard NF P03-100 mission includes the following interventions The basic missions - The Mission on the strength of structures and items of equipment inseparable : - Mission S (SEI, SH, STI, STI-B STI-I) on the safety of people in buildings.