CCTMColorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
CCTMCertified Community Transit Manager (Community Transportation Association of America)
CCTMCanada Creek Tea Merchants (Nova Scotia, Canada)
CCTMCrude Custody Transfer Meter
CCTMCentral Council of Tibetan Medicine (est. 2004; Himachal Pradesh, India)
CCTMCoastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Texas)
CCTMCSIA (Central Sponsor for Information Assurance) Claims Tested Mark (now CESG Claims Tested Mark; computer security)
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Given the disparity in the level of initial investment, CCTM afforded CMT the right of first refusal for the launch of similar technology in markets outside of New York City.
A CCTM certificate for Information Assurance (IA) means that UK public sector organizations, including Central Government, local authorities, NHS, education, criminal justice, police and MoD, can recognize a product that has had independent testing, under CESG authority.
The CCTM certification is awarded for Cellcrypt Mobile 5.
Cellcrypt Mobile delivers government-grade end-to-end security and is validated to CCTM in the UK, and to FIPS 140-2 standard, approved by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).
The Juniper Networks SA4000 FIPS and SA6000 FIPS appliances have achieved CCTM certification following rigorous independent tests conducted by ISO17025 accredited test laboratories to ensure that their security functionality complies with the robust demands of international public sector IT.
The CCTM scheme is designed to verify the claims vendors make for their security solutions for data confidentiality, integrity and availability within the modern governmental IT environment.
We are very pleased to add CCTM to our list of certifications, enabling UK organizations to select our Secure Access platforms with complete confidence.
In addition, CCTM has also acquired the advertising sales and management of Yellow Checker Star's 60 shuttle bus fleet.
CCTM will add new jobs to help facilitate the addition of the new taxi top displays, which will include maintenance, installation and sales support.
By building on Tillinghast - Towers Perrin expense data and assumptions, the CCTM is able to show carriers:
We see the CCTM as a most valuable tool for insurance carriers to use when planning the selection and implementation of an eCommerce solution," notes Mark A.
For more information about the CCTM, contact BenefitPoint at 415/ 837-4120 or www.