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CCTRCochrane Controlled Trials Register
CCTRCost Center
CCTRCenter for Coal Technology Research (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN)
CCTRCenter on China's Transnational Relations (Hong Kong)
CCTRCross Country Trail Ride (Eminence, Misssouri)
CCTRCritical Care/Trauma Resident
CCTRCadence Center for Therapeutic Riding
CCTRCarleton County Toy Run
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Note that several steps were required to calculate the CCTR matrix.
Following the 2004 election, the Treasurer announced that a cap of $4000 would be applied to the CCTR and that parents would not be able to claim it until 2006 which would mean waiting for up to two years to claim the benefit.
The CCTR is linked to the existing CCB scheme and is designed to reimburse 30 per cent of the secondary earner's out-of-pocket child care expenses, that is, fees paid for approved care less Child Care Benefit.
Literature searches were made of the MEDLINE, EMBASE, AMED, CINAHL and CCTR (Cochrane) databases from inception of database to February 2005.
Through the CCTR scheme eligible families are able to claim 30% of the costs in excess of CCB payments received (out-of-pocket costs) for approved child care up to a maximum of AUD 4 000 per child per year.
CCTR is a privately funded toll road being developed by the private corporation Camino Columbia Inc.