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CCTTClose Combat Tactical Trainer (US Army)
CCTTCanadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
CCTTCovert Channel Tunneling Tool
CCTTCareer Connection to Teaching with Technology
CCTTCoordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (Russia)
CCTTChildren's Color Trails Test (neuropsychology)
CCTTCanadian Council of Technicians & Technologists
CCTTCommand and Control Team Trainer (Naval Ship and Submarine Training Systems)
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Many leaders are familiar with some of these training tools; however, now that we are able to train together using the CCTT and AVCATT, commanders can better understand how leaders operate three dimensionally and identify the challenges associated with air and ground units attempting to see and orient on the same terrain.
The official launch of the GoTechGirl initiative was conducted by Lois Sterner, past president of CCTT, Nathalie Emond, instructor at Red River College, and Tracey Kucheravy of Dillon Consulting.
CCTT cranks the level of fidelity up a few notches: Shadows lengthen, the weather deteriorates, and the stars come out at night.
ACCN: How does the CCTT work with the CSCT to advance certification and accreditation initiatives?
Locke was the chief scientist at the Lockheed Martin Systems Solutions organization; prior to that role, he was the chief scientist of Lockheed Martin's Software & Systems Resource Center, working with a wide range of applications including space (both ground based and flight), aircraft, shipboard, submarine, command & control, and information systems, such as SBIRS, SBIS, Air Traffic Control, GPS, various avionics systems, CCTT, LAMPS, and AWACS.
One of the best training tools available to bring Soldiers together as a crew is to have them shoot a virtual gunnery in the CCTT once they complete preliminary gunnery through Table II.
CCTT-RVS/RVTT fully interacts with the entire family of CCTT simulators, allowing them to interact with other systems and provides the ideal platform for future development.
The NTB stem from an innovative partnership launched in October 2006 by CCTT and the National Council of Deans of Technology (NCDoT).
As we link this device to the CCTT and other devices in the future, we will be able to work through air-ground operations in simulation before we begin a 'dirt' exercise or deployment," said Eller.