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CCVCommunity College of Vermont
CCVChrist's Church of the Valley (Glendale, Arizona)
CCVCitizens for Community Values
CCVClosed Crankcase Ventilation
CCVCanine Coronavirus
CCVChicago Community Ventures
CCVControl-Configured Vehicle (avionic concept)
CCVClathrin Coated Vesicle
CCVComposite Ciment Verre (French: Composite Glass Cement)
CCVCommunauté de Communes du Vouvrillon (French municipality federation)
CCVClosed Circuit Voltage
CCVChirurgie Cardiovasculaire (French: Cardiovascular Surgery)
CCVCalling Card Validation (Nortel)
CCVCancer Council Victoria (Victoria, Australia)
CCVCroix du Combattant Volontaire (French: Volunteer Fighter Cross; military award)
CCVC-Bit Coding Violation
CCVCataract, Congenital, Volkmann Type
CCVCrush Card Virus (Yu-Gi-Oh card)
CCVCyclo Club Vertavien (French bicycling club)
CCVCash Collection Voucher
CCVChamber Coolant Valve (NASA)
CCVContinuous Calibration Verification
CCVCommunauté de Communes du Vernois (French municipality federation)
CCVCyclo Club du Vexin (French bicycling club)
CCVCommunauté de Communes de Vallet (French municipality federation)
CCVCanadian Content Value
CCVCommunauté de Communes de Villaines-la-Juhel (French municipality federation)
CCVCommunauté de Communes des Voirons (French municipality federation)
CCVClub Cynophile Villeneuvois (French: Villeneuvois Canine Club; Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France)
CCVCape Charles, Virginia
CCVCarmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna
CCVCode Change Verifier
CCVCox Centre Var (French automobile repair and restoration company)
CCVCyclo Club de la Vègre (French bicycling club)
CCVCommon Communication Vehicle
CCVCollectif du Chêne-Vert (French: Collective of Green Oak; Chabanais, France)
CCVCentre Contrôle Viennois (French: Viennese Control Center; car inspection center; Vienna, Austria)
CCVClock Comparison Value
CCVContinuous Catenary Vulcanisation
CCVConseils Cadre de Vie (French public district meetings; Herouville-Saint-Clair, France)
CCVCyclo Club Vertou (French bicycling club)
CCVCharpente Couverture Vimarcéenne (French construction company)
CCVCorbeille à Courrier Verticale (French: Vertical Letter Tray)
CCVCentre Culturel de Vitry-sur-Seine (French: Vitry-sur-Seine Cultural Center; Vitry-sur-Seine, France)
CCVCrank Case Ventilation (combustion engine)
CCVClub Clasicos Villaverde (Spanish: Villaverde Classics Club; online classic car forum)
CCVCritics' Choice Video (Illinois)
CCVCredit Card Verification
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The industry prize was awarded at the CCV s annual conference.
Our CCV Program has helped focus the use of these new drugs to those patients who benefit the most, and in the process, has already saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars," said Dr.
To make the integration of the mobile payment solution Yapital as easy as possible for retailers, the first European cross-channel payment system is expanding its cooperation network in the payment ecosystem with industry specialists TeleCash, ICP and cardtech (network providers) and with CCV and ICP (terminal producers).
Mike Duckworth, a Senior Vice President with Nexter, even fought back by writing an op-ed to David Pugliese's Defence Watch denouncing the report that I co-authored for the Rideau Institute and CCPA, which stated that the CCV project should be cancelled.
Mr Jones said: "Bishop Skinner is delighted to become a member of the CCV Group.
S1: The parameters MSSD, CCV HF, logHFpower were significantly lower (P<0.
KPN is taking the role of installing the application and personalizing the mobile phones, and CCV is processing the transactions.
According to Johnson, God is using CCV President Phil Burress to pass anti-gay laws and take other actions to protect "Biblical marriage.
Work on the CCV concept and similar vehicles inspired by Renault's Scenic lead to the PT Cruiser.
In particular, CCV coatings are used in flexible packaging, beverage packaging, folding carton and commercial printing.
The CCV is used by teams of Navy scientists, engineers, designers, and decision makers to view, test and manipulate highly "immersive" visualizations of new ship designs, reducing the time and cost of building new ships while stress testing designs for particular sea and battle conditions.