CCVCCross Country Vehicle Club (Wellington, New Zealand)
CCVCCapital City Volleyball Club (Durham, NC)
CCVCCommunity Colleges of Ventura County (California)
CCVCCyclo Club de Villers-Cotterêts (French bicycling club)
CCVCCapacitive Coupling Voltage Contrast
CCVCCaritas Charles Vath College (Hong Kong)
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The sale of these four hotels plus prior divestitures of Taittinger CCVC, Annick Goutal and several other hotel properties have generated approximately $3 billion in total proceeds.
Two of the words were comprised of CCVC syllables and two were comprised of CVCC syllables.
CCVC 1553, Centenary College Vertebrate Collection, now in Vertebrate Paleontology Collection at Louisiana State University.
Using `V' to mean Vanilla-lover and `C' to mean Chocolate-lover, we can write only four different patterns: VCCC, CVCC, CCVC, and CCCV.