CCVDCentraal College van Deskundigen (Dutch: Central College of Experts)
CCVDCommunauté de Communes du Val de Drôme
CCVDCape Cod Visitors Directory (Plymouth, MA)
CCVDCatalytic Chemical Vapour Decomposition
CCVDCongenital Color Vision Deficiency
CCVDCombustion Chemical Vapor Deposition
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06), whereas both M-HDL and total HDL-P remained strong predictors of CCVD (P = 0.
HDL-P was also a strong and independent predictor of CCVD status in a clinical population.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: HDL-C, high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol; CVD, cardiovascular disease; apo, apolipoprotein; ABCA1, ATP-binding cassette transporter 1; HDL-P, HDL particles; NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance; IMA, ion mobility analysis; ESI, electrospray ionization; rHDL, reconstituted HDL; CCVD, carotid cerebrovascular disease; pI, isoelectric point; S-HDL, small HDL; M-HDL, medium HDL; L-HDL, large HDL.
MCT's proprietary CCVD technology has the potential to decrease our catalyst loading and assist in reducing costs and improving performance, while providing manufacturing flexibility," said Kip Smith, Ballard's President and Chief Operating Officer.
Andrew Hunt, MCT's founder and CEO, said, "Our relationship with Ballard began over three years ago, and we are excited about the potential incorporation of CCVD technology in PEM fuel cells.
Other advantages of CCVD technology include the ability to deposit complex oxides and to manufacture on a continuous basis.
MCT was founded in 1994 by Hunt in a one-person office in Atlanta on the strength of the CCVD process (US Patent No.
Two types of CNFs used in this work were VGCF and vapor-grown carbon nanofibers (VGNF) produced by the CCVD method.
The company's strength is based on its CCVD process, which is used to apply environmentally friendly thin films to a variety of substrates including metals, ceramics and polymers.
The research focuses on the low cost CCVD process for the development of optimized production of low loss frequency adaptive materials.
Income, before taxes, gains on sale of CCVD stock, and special charges, amounted to $.