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CCVSConservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées (French: Conservatory Plant Collection Specialist)
CCVSCenter for Crime Victim Services (Vermont)
CCVSCurrent Controlled Voltage Source
CCVSCredit Card Verification System (software)
CCVSCambridge Council for Voluntary Service (UK)
CCVSCobol Compiler Validation System
CCVSCentral Clearance Verification System
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To date, CCD technology has enjoyed the greatest degree of success in CCVS cameras.
The MOS-XY chip is less expensive than CCD chips now but has not become a CCVS standard due to its high noise levels.
Since one of the essential output characteristics of a CCVS is the picture, the quality of that picture must also rank at or near the top of the selection criteria list.
In addition, the cost-effective, technological superiority of solid-state CCDs will play a major role in the expansion of video surveillance applications and the CCVS industry in general.
Flexibility enables the system to adapt easily to the many new CCVS applications that are emerging and improves manufacturability, ultimately reducing prices.
With the age of open architecture in MCMS systems, the ease of interfacing CCVS with other electronic security surveillance devices will enable us to create total electronic security environments.
As camera shrink, CCVS accessories required to support the cameras, such as remote positioning devices, housings, and mounts, can be downsized and thus be produced more cheaply.
The CCVS industry will continue to see a major shift toward the use of color CCD cameras and monitors in security and surveillance situations.
The ultimate measure of any CCVS camera is the quality of the image on the monitor.
The sole purpose of PQR is to compare the picture quality of CCVS cameras.
To date, one of the real stumbling blocks to the increased use of fiber optics, in addition to its cost, has been the lack of understanding among both end users and dealers as to its advantages in CCVS installations.
CCVS e-commerce payment processing software, a critical piece of infrastructure for any company conducting business on the Internet, is currently used by more than 150 ISPs worldwide.