CCVTCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture (Canada)
CCVTCentral Coast Vineyard Team (farming network; Paso Robles, CA)
CCVTCoupling Capacitor Voltage Transformer
CCVTClub du Chien de la Vallée du Tarn (French: Dog Club of the Tarn Valley; France)
CCVTCar Club of Virginia Tech
CCVTClosed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerator
CCVTCommunity College of Vermont (est. 1975)
CCVTChrist's Church at Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
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The CCVT website describes the survivors whom the organization serves to include:
A satellite office for the CCVT is located in the post-war suburban municipality of Scarborough, now part of the amalgamated City of Toronto.
Additional information on CCVT and performance characteristics of BASF's RheoTEC Z-60 workability retaining admixture can be obtained at www.
Toutefois, comme au CCVT, a L'Hirondelle on cherche aussi a particulariser l'action autant que possible et surtout a la personnaliser.
J'ai rencontre mon amie (Christine), une femme avec six enfants, a travers le CCVT.
Through Kris's dedicated leadership, CCVT was one of five organizations to receive the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Sustained Excellence award and is also the only organization to receive California Environmental Protection Agency's Innovator award twice.
The CCVT is now capable of full integration into the pipeline's SCADA and control system to provide truly "intelligent" power.
After extensively applying and studying available power options in the range of 400 to 5,000 watts, including reciprocating engine generators (EGs), thermoelectric generators (TEGs), wind generators (WGs), photovoltaic cells (PVCs) and Ormat Energy Converters, which are closed-cycle vapor turbogenerators (CCVTs), Gazprom selected the Ormat CCVT as the most reliable and best suitable for unattended remote pipeline power stations.
The CCVTs have been in use in offshore applications since 1976, providing continuous unattended power on unmanned platforms in the Adriatic Sea and Atlantic Ocean for international companies such as AGIP, TOTAL and ELF.
CCVTS also received from Assembly Member Mary Salas a special recognition from the California Assembly.
CCVTS program participants will help staff the event and 10% of the event's proceeds will be donated to the program.
While CCVTS has taken the lead, they are seeking assistance with start up costs and ongoing operational expenses.