CCWHCoordinating Council for Women in History (Long Branch, NJ)
CCWHCommunity Chapel for Wholistic Healing (Reston, VA)
CCWHCoca-Cola West Holdings Company, Limited (Japan)
CCWHCoalition for Coastal Workforce Housing (Maine)
CCWHCalpine Canada Whitby Holdings Company (Alberta, Canada)
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There were no email networks like the CCWH one to remind me I was not alone.
2003 2002 Loan and interest receivable from CCWH $ 38,259 $ 36,902 Accounts receivable from Calpine 5,152 - Accounts receivable from the Fund 2,767 - Distributions payable to CCT (4,763) (5,369) Distributions payable to Calpine (2,902) (2,608) Accounts payable to Calpine (468) - Deposits payable to Calpine - (17,152) Capital reimbursement due to Calpine (367) (23,237) 11.
The Partnership has a loan to CCWH, which holds a 50% partnership interest in the Whitby Cogeneration Facility.
But he recommended that the president refuse the request for support in a positive manner and to emphasize that the CCLH values its good relationship with the CCWH.