CCWSChamp Car World Series (auto racing)
CCWSCenter for Coastal and Watershed Systems
CCWSCenter for Comparative Welfare Studies
CCWSContra Costa Wind Symphony (Walnut Creek, CA)
CCWSCanadian Centre for Worship Studies
CCWSCaithness Community Web Site
CCWSConsortium for Child Welfare Studies
CCWSCommon Component Workstation
CCWSCommon Cryptologic Workstation(s)
CCWSClose Combat Weapon System (PM Tactical Missiles)
CCWSContext Capture Web Service
CCWSCommand/Control Workstation
CCWSCenter for Comparative Welfare State Studies
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The CCWS measures have been featured in numerous studies involving identity-protective cognition.
The conventional short-form version of the CCWS instrument includes twelve items, six each for the "individualism-communitarianism" and "hierarchy-egalitarianism" worldview dimensions.
The assumed building and CCWS components are selected to illustrate maximum potential electrical demand reduction and are not presented as a typical 1970s building system.
The coefficient of performance (COP) of the CCWS is defined here as:
Northwest Cobb County has the smallest WRF operated by CCWS but is experiencing the greatest growth, due to the availability of land and its scenic setting.
The CCWS staff and consultants evaluated the existing plant processes for capacity to handle greater flows during the six-year design and construction period.
CCWS is also looking to develop precision terminal guidance (PTG), which would allow the gunner to redirect the missile mid-flight, and advanced networking capability to provide and transmit real-time tactical data for operations or surveillance.
CCWS chose Parsons and its subcontractor, JA, to provide construction management services for the Chattahoochee Tunnel Project in 1999.
Parsons is incredibly pleased to continue its association with CCWS," said Dave Backus, Parsons Group President.
Built with the award-winning ReefSwitch technology, the ReefEdge CCWS is being offered to multi-site Cisco WLAN customers concerned with the potentially serious security issues recently discovered in Cisco's proprietary LEAP authentication protocol and WLAN management systems.