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CCYCCorpus Christi Yacht Club (Texas)
CCYCCapital City Yacht Club
CCYCCowes Corinthian Yacht Club (UK)
CCYCChicago Corinthian Yacht Club (Chicago, IL)
CCYCCarver Cruisers Yacht Club
CCYCCape Coral Yacht Club (Florida)
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A meeting was held on Wednesday with Cardiff council leader Phil Bale to discuss the future of the centre following a highly publicised campaign involving local councillors, CCYC and some of the teams that use the premises.
The Tahoe CCYC on the West Coast had helped establish a forum and network where youth could associate with their peers who had a common background.
The Council adopted these bylaws after a great deal of discussion and deliberation, concluding that developing and training Christian youth were very important and that the CCYC of the East was an appropiate group for achieving this goal.
In 1944, the Cabinet of the CCYC of the East had adopted its Program Committee's five objectives.
However, the CCYC of the East did not go beyond maintaining its summer program.
One CCYC of the East attraction was the opportunity for boys to meet girls and girls to meet boys, thus enlarging their circles of acquaintances and friends.