CCYLChina Communist Youth League
CCYLCommittee of the Communist Youth League (China)
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TABLE 1 NINE TYPES OF LEADERSHIP AND IMPLEMENTATION PREFERENCES CCYL experience Both positive PPP is Both positive (1) pioneering the central One negative, (4) pioneering government one positive Both negative (7) bandwagoning CCYL experience One positive, Both negative one negative PPP is Both positive (2) pioneering (3) bandwagoning the central One negative, (5) bandwagoning (6) resisting government one positive Both negative (8) resisting (9) resisting Source: The authors study.
To date, The Center for Living Well has certified CCYL teachers in Arizona, Florida, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.
Li stayed in Beijing until 1998 when he left the CCYL Central Committee and was directly shifted to serve as the Deputy Party Secretary of Henan Province.
The appointments of the CCYL and taizidang political figures are favourable for Hu Jintao.
Future Political Bureau: Dominated by Princelings and the CCYL
Xi's and Li's rise as future China's top leaders indicates an evident trend in China's political arena: the offspring of veteran CPC leaders (princelings) and officials with CCYL working experience (tuan pai) have become the dominant force inside the ruling Party.
Of those 11 members, seven, namely, Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, Liu Yandong, Li Yuanchao, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng and Bo Xilai have princiling background while five, namely Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, Liu Yandong, Li Yuanchao and Wang Yang have CCYL working experiences.
This suggests that after the 18th Party Congress in 2012, the Political Bureau Standing Committee, the de facto top decision-making body, will for the first time be halved by princelings and CCYL cadres.
Inside the CCYL bureaucracy, cadres are on average much younger than their peers in other government or Party departments because of the particularity of their work targeting youth.
Competitions to some extent do exist between princelings and CCYL cadres, but they are mild and within control.
CCYL Group provincial Party Secretaries may increase from seven to nine with some modi.
On the whole, the Shanghai Gang has suffered serious damage with Chen Liangyu's removal; the princelings have made some gains; and the CCYL Group has garnered greater prominence.