CCZConsumer Council of Zimbabwe (est. 1975)
CCZCouncil of Churches in Zambia (est. 1945)
CCZCamcad Zipped (data file)
CCZCharpente Couverture Zinguerie (French framing and roofing company)
CCZCyber Condition Zebra (Washington Naval Yard)
CCZCommand and Control Zone
CCZCarlet-Charpin-Zinoviev (Equivalence Relation of Functions)
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567, (7) por la cual la Junta Departamental de Montevideo aprueba tambien, mediante decreto, la iniciativa del Intendente de crear ocho Municipios en la ciudad, que reagrupan los 18 CCZ preexistentes (eliminando la figura de la Junta Local) a los que se dota de autonomia politica y financiera, renovando el proceso de descentralizacion participativa.
Evidence supporting that view is already available: In 1978, scientists performing an experiment scooped polymetallic nodules from the CCZ and left a track in the sediments that was 1.
Zarechnaya set up CCZ Trade in September 2011 in a drive to overhaul its export operations.
Ultimately, we intend to seek to establish the capacity to expand operations to undertake larger-scale projects envisaged in the deeper waters of the CCZ.
Observando os numeros de casos da dengue classica transmitidos, pelo mosquito Aedes aegypti, e notificados na cidade de Cuiaba, com os dados cedidos pela Secretaria de Municipal de Saude -- SMS/ Centro de Controle de Zoonoses -- CCZ, constantes da Tabela 2.
Asi, la CCZ marco pauta como la primera Camara Regional del pais e inicio sus actividades, manteniendo una lucha constante y perseverante contra las dificultades.
The cassette models designated CCZ have condensate pumps and fit standard ceiling tile configurations.
Though experts have not had access to the DMZ proper, they have found enough evidence to estimate that the DMZ and the partially protected adjacent land (the Civilian Control Zone, or CCZ, a farm belt kept partially open as a defense measure) host 52 mammal species, 201 bird species, 28 amphibian reptiles, 67 inland fish species, and 1,194 plant species.
This is an appointment that some observers have interpreted as designed to reel in the CCZ and its member churches, and one which some feel has yielded dividends for Chiluba.
3] in the annual average nitrogen dioxide concentration in the CCZ; however, this decrease was associated with an increase of 183 years of life gained per 100,000 population in the CCZ (Tonne et al.
7 July 2010 - CCZ Corporate Finance was hired as underwriter for Qube Logistics' (ASX:QUB) rights issue, the Australian infrastructure and logistics fund said.