CCZConsumer Council of Zimbabwe (est. 1975)
CCZCouncil of Churches in Zambia (est. 1945)
CCZCharpente Couverture Zinguerie (French framing and roofing company)
CCZCyber Condition Zebra (Washington Naval Yard)
CCZCommand and Control Zone
CCZCarlet-Charpin-Zinoviev (Equivalence Relation of Functions)
CCZCamcad Zipped (data file)
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Evidence supporting that view is already available: In 1978, scientists performing an experiment scooped polymetallic nodules from the CCZ and left a track in the sediments that was 1.
Exploration claims in the CCZ are already compromising our ability to create MPAs in some areas.
Apart from species protection, the DMZ and its adjacent CCZ offer startling beauty.
Growth was indicated on the whole range of the liquid shares, the most demand was focused on the shares of Gazprom, CCZ and NLMC.
The partnership will combine MEMC's proprietary Solaicx CCZ (Continuous Czockhralski) monocrystalline wafers with Jusung's high efficiency cell manufacturing equipment.
CCZ in 2009 reduced Zink output by 20% and formed 119.
During the quarter, we announced the acquisition of Solaicx, a CCZ solar ingot technology leader.
CCZ within 6 months gained 136 mn RUR of IAS net loss.