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CDDBCD Database
CDDBCompact Disc Database
CDDBCompact Disc Data Base
CDDBCentre Dramatique de Bretagne (French: Dramatic Center of Britain)
CDDBClimate Diagnostics Data Base (US NOAA)
CDDBCataloging Distribution Data Processing
CDDBCentral Demand Data Bank
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5 automatically converts any computer output file from a mainframe or minicomputer into an Alchemy CD database with fielded data and full-text search capabilities.
Thus, the CD database offers an excellent opportunity to keep up with allied and other fields in addition to a practitioner's own specialty.
We also look to use Endeavor's Citation Server to deliver a one-stop shop for searching our CD databases and Z39.
This ensures that existing CD databases, whether CD-ROM or CD-Recordable, will remain accessible as an organization is transitioning to DVD drives.
End-users did not learn what type of subject materials might be found in the various CD databases, and they did not know how these databases were organized.